Terms And Condition

           TERM & CONDITION

1)We will carry out instruction given by you from time regarding deployment of security personal .

2) we will strictly enforce the rules & discipline as may be directed by your management from time to time

3) we will submit the bill on monthly basis by every 1st of the month and payment received by 10thevery month

4) Contract can be terminated by prior one month notice from either party, or rate will be increase as per Mutual understanding between both party every year .

5) Assuring of our best & prompt service and quality at all times.


6) You will not engage our personnel directly or indirectly under you in your employment or contract basis during the contract period or within one year from the date of their termination there if . In case you employ our personnel contrary to this, you will become liable for compensation which may be equivalent to three month salary of individuals employed by you.

In case of any further clarification of assistance required please feel free to contact the undersigned on mobile 9049408075. we will be more than pleased to assist you.  

            Thanking you and assuring you of our best service at all time .


Contact Person
( Manager )
Location : Pune
Call : +91 9049114545